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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> reporter: good morning i'm katie marzullo live at occupy cal one of the last stands in the bay area for the occupy movement. police moved in and removed the tents from sproul hall. protesters say they are not done. they say, they are bringing the tents back. picket lines going up at cal-state east bay as faculty members walk-out on a one-day strike the first time in the histories of the csu system. -- >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco who can stand up for voters in a court of law? an opinion on that from the state supreme court today.
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at issue the 2008 voter approved ban on same-sex marriage. about an hour from now, one of the obama administration's most respected members will tell congress he takes full responsibility for the failed solyndra loan. i'm tracking fog this morning. particularly thick in the north bay and four chances of rain in the forecast. the first one already showing up on doppler. i'll show you where. good morning. following your thursday morning commute live look at bay bridge toll light. "sig alert" in effect in. san bruno i'll tell you how it affects your commute in a few minutes. 6:01. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we begin with developing news out of cal berkeley. about two hours ago police clad in riot gear moved in to evict campers from sproul plaza. katie marzullo is live on the campus where the tents are again but the crowd isn't.
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how are the spirits there >> reporter: good morning. i'm good you asked. two things i want to show you. look down the slope at the group of protest there's remain. i would argue the mood has changed since the tents were removed when we first got on scene and that was happening. protesters were fired up, indignant and had a lot to say. after that a festive party mood, music being played, people dancing and stuff. now it is very, very quiet. some of those protesters have left. looks like just a few moments of maybe disorganization here before they get going again at a later hour. also, the cleanup efforts. police did move in they arrested two people and took down the tents on the sproul hall steps. what remains is a mess a lot of the stuff the students brought in to show they were camping out not only tents, a couch, piano, book shelf, those remain. crews are here, big dump truck
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is here. bulldozer is here. they are taking down all of those items. students even though it was a nonviolent arrest and none vie -- nonviolent event still call it force. >> we have permission to be on this campus 4/7 as students. yes we are not -- 24/7 as students. yet, we are not being allowed to be in our own plaza. why is it that students cannot walk on to our on campus >> reporter: another occupy cal protester told us the strategy is to bring in more tents. he said they purposefully only put out a few last night and the night before assuming police were going to remove them they left only a few up so they would only lose a few to the raid and they would have more to bring back today. of course she will wait until they have a general assembly to decide what they are going to do. that seems like one of the
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options this morning. interesting stuff. we'll see if the put the tents back and what happens after that. katie marzullo, abc7 news. in hayward faculty at california state university east bay is set to begin a one-day strike this morning here and at the ning -- dominguez hills campus in southern california. the faculty is tkreut sizing the chancellor for policy changes that -- that give more and more money to top managers while ignore -- ignoring the -- csu trustees voted to raise tuition again it happened in private yesterday behind closed doors after frustrated students were kicked out of a meeting. four were arrested, two officers injured after someone smashed a window. the board approved a 9% tuition hike if there is no
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budget increase from the state. occupy san francisco demonstrators are hinting at a new strategy, occupying banks. yesterday demonstrators left encampments and targeted a bank of america in the financial district. 95 demonstrators were arrested after they invaded bank of america on the corner of california and davis. they hopped on tables, chanced, wrote messages, they pitched a tent inside the bank. those arrested were taken to jail where they were cited for trespassing and released. another major story we are following. in just a few hours the california supreme court is set to issue a key ruling in the long fought battle over prop 8. the gay marriage ban that was overturned. terry mcsweeney is live at the supreme court in san francisco. >> reporter: today's rules has nothing to do with the constitutionality of prop 8, it has already been declared
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unconstitutional by a federal judge. today's decision is who can stand up for what the voters approved in 2008? who has legal standing? look at the oral arguments that took place here in september. a federal court the 9th circuit asked for an opinion from the state supreme court on this. again just an opinion not a decision. the governor at the time was schwarzenegger and attorney general at the time jerry brown, refused to defend this in court. brown did say that it was okay with him if backers of prop 8 went to court on its behave. during that hearing in -- be half. during that hearing in september, it seemed justices siding with the spoken but tough questions for both sides. >> i think justice are struggling with this question they are asked to asked to decide an issue of standing which is federal law. these are the california justices they are used to dealing with
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california law. the judges are struggleing as much as the lawyers. >> reporter: -- whatever the opinion today it is going back to the 9th circuit. if the supreme court says sponsors can defend it goes back for discussions about constitutional if the sponsors have no legal standing according to the opinion of the state supreme court, still goes back to the 9th circuit but the opinion does carry considerable weight. again prop 8 has been ruled unconstitutional in a federal court it is now in the federal court system many experts say the end all, be all will take place at the u.s. supreme court. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:07. in less than an hour now, energy secretary steven chu is expected to tell a house committee that he alone accepts responsible for government's failed half billion dollar loan guarantee to the now bankrupt solyndra. a republican-led house committee is investigating whether politics played a role in the 535 million dollar loan
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given to the fremont solar panel maker. according to new excerpts of chu's prepared testimony the energy secretary will tell congress he believes the government must continue to provide financial support for clean energy technology. the solyndra lone he says was subject to, rigorous scrutiny and healthy debate and he adds, i did not make any decision based on political considerations. you may see the sun this morning but less and less as the day guess on? >> and more and more -- day goes on? >> and more and more possibly moisture. >> scattered showers during the afternoon hours. right now the moisture is the in the form of thick fog system drews near it is pushing moisture in and creating fog. right now the best for the wet weather is up to our north around eureka.
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look up in the north bay valleys less than a quarter of mile in novato half a mile in napa and quarter mile in santa rosa could be a little dangerous traveling to the north bay upper 30s. mid to upper 40s antioch, livermore, redwood city, los gatos. by the afternoon coolest weather north where the clouds will be thickest and where the scattered showers will develop during the afternoon. mid to upper 50s for into san francisco and half moon bay low to mid 60s for everybody else with the scattered showers moving in probably once the sunsets around 5:00. 59 monterey, low to mid 60s for the rest of the bay and inland. let's look at those other chances of rain another one tomorrow, more widespread showers rain saturday night into sunday morning and then again another storm coming our way wednesday. good morning. situation developing in san bruno, "sig alert" in effect this is eastbound 380 connector ramp to el camino real is closed due to police
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activity. i have no specific information. they are asking divers to allowed the area. if you need to get -- get to elka moon know real go back to 101 and get on at millbrae or san bruno avenue. livermore accident before dalton and stalled 237 westbound -- the story is going to heat a lot of people up i'm sure. >> let's call it a bladder battle. what you won't be able to get at many starbucks in the near future. the peninsula city that is ready to scrap its local patrolmen and women in favor of a county solution.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 6:14. you are looking at a scene new york lower manhattan outside the new york stock exchange where occupy protesters want to try to shutdown wall street from doing any business. there are reports that they are trying to block some of the entrance to -- entrances to the stock exchange. the opening bell is 15 minutes. police watching closely to ensure business can be done. we'll have that live. keep it here on abc7 news. other news now locally the city of millbrae has become the latest peninsula city to approve a plan to dissolve its police department and outsource law enforcement to
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the san mateo county sheriff's office. the council passed the measure this week in hopes of saving more than a million dollars a year. the san francisco chronicle reports the san mateo sheriff's office will offer fulltime jobs to all 21 of millbrae's fulltime officers and eight civilian employees. the sheriff's office has already taken over policing operations for san carlos and hay in the past year. starbucks cracking down on people who hang out for hours and buy only one or two cups of coffee, you see people using laptops of the company is closing the door on public restrooms at some locations making them for employees only. workers say they are constantly dirty and sometimes they need to repair them two or three times a week because of broken fixtures. employees have to wait in line with everyone else which takes them from their duties. starbucks covering electrical outlets to discourage laptop parkers. should we take umbrella?
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>> maybe in the north bay during the afternoon. everybody else probably this evening. buff picture look at the oranges and yellows of the day dawning, almost floating city of san francisco the clouds this morning. what a beautiful picture. i have to put that online on my facebook page. temperatures running upper 30s around santa rosa, napa, novato rest of us 40s mild 50s oakland mountain vie. monterey bay inland -- fog and low to mid 40s monterey 48. mostly cloudy and cooler scattered showers best in the north bay during the daylight hours. showers more likely tomorrow cooler than today two more chances of wet weather throughout the seven day forecast. today compared to average livermore 64, oakland and redwood city three degrees cooler. napa and san jose five degrees cooler. before the sunsets at 4:57 low
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to mid 60s south bay with partially sunny sky mostly cloudy on the peninsula upper 50s to low 60s as you head up the coast mid 50s to even 57 downtown san francisco. scattered showers in the north bay during the afternoon keeping new the mid to upper 50s. east bay shore mostly cloudy near 60° for you today. partly sunny and low to mid 60s east bay valleys more sun around monterey bay upper 50s monterey and carmel the rest of the bay inland low to mid 60s. tonight cloud cover, lingering showers mainly in the 40s, santa rosa 39, morgan hill at 50. cold front kind of a -- i wouldn't say weak, very sharp temperature contrast that will create cold showers just don't have a lot of moisture. scattered showers during the evening hours tomorrow more widespread showers we get a
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break friday night through most of saturday, except for up in the north bay of course. then saturday evening into sunday morning that's when the better chance of rain rolls in. until we get to that storm saturday, about a 10th to a quarter of an inch of rain. scattered showers mainly in the north bay valleys during the daylight hours. come the evening commute scattered showers throughout the rest of the bay. showers scattered all throughout the bay area tomorrow. saturday night into sunday a chance of light rain. better chance of heavier rain wednesday. have a great day. still police activity in the san bruno area and "sig alert" in effect eastbound 380 connector ramp to el camino real shutdown due to police activity. alternate routes 280 or 101 to san bruno avenue. we'll follow that for you. southbound vasco road livermore motorcycle down
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before dalton that accident has been cleared to the shoulder. traffic is very heavy there, major delays. should be clearing up now that accident is cleared out of lanes. accident 237 westbound past zanker blocking left lane, slowing there as well. live look at 280 from san jose up towards cupertino, that traffic very light. ing on through. the bay bridge metering lights -- turned on. you are now backing towards the west grand overcrossing. for the latest information check out 6:19. >> how would you like a little money back with your next movie? refund coming for millions of netflix customers current and past. a four-legged road hazard. the slow speed chase as man's best friend tries to hightail it away
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:23. new york city wall street, police are making arrests outside the new york stock exchange where occupy wall street protester are trying to enter the building. in what they promise will be a day of action. we are going live to the opening bell the new york stock exchange at 6:29. definitely you want to stay with us. >> if you are or were a threat knicks customer you may have money coming to you.
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-- a netflix customer you may have money come -- coming. wal-mart is not acknowledging wrongdoing and will pay in cash or wall phafrt gift cards. customers should have received e-mails this ÷rg week. a judge needs to finalize the deal next march. one of the most popular video games. now one of the angry gird -- birds has gone where no angry bird has gone before outer space. a stuffed toy floating around inside the soyuz craft after it ended orbit it took off from russia sunday carrying a nasa astronaut and two cosmonauts. they arrived at the international space station yesterday morning. boy are their arms tired. >> this is not something you see often. freeway chase that is scary and somewhat cute. it happened in tempe, arizona a dog took off the car he was riding in rolled over in an
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accident poor thing must have been scared. it springed up the freeway ramp, then across three lanes of traffic before a motorcycle cop finally caught it. 6:25. never happened in cal-state school history, until today. the action coming this morning that is expected to halt nearly every class at cal-state east bay why bart say it may be bedtime for is pro he postal to extend operations into the early morning hours. plus, their goal is to shutdown the city that never sleeps, starting with wall street. a look at massive demonstrations blocking the entrance to the new york stock exchange this morning. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live at occupy cal. look what the is happening right now. students have been allowed to retrieve their piano from the steps of sproul hall before it fell victim to the tents and rest of the things that end up in a dumpster this morning after police cleared occupy
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cal. we'll be back are more. flight arrival delays are developing at sfo now, 41 minutes, nearly an hour and a half delays into newark. check out our flight tracker for specific flights and times, at the bottom.úúúúú
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live picture of the new york stock exchange where the opening bell ringing right now despite masses of occupy protesters outside trying to shut the exchange down. what is driving the occupy movement? jobs in the past hour the labor department released weekly jobs report. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level since early april the fourth decline in five weeks. we have every intention of going to jane king at the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes to see what is going on. >> the mood has to be look live at what is happening outside right now. occupy protester trying to block entrances into the exchange. police out there in full force now making arrests. today marks the two month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. protester are promising a national day of action. in addition to trying to shutdown wall street, these
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protesters getting arrested are promising to march into the subway system on the brooklyn bridge and into zuccotti park where police cleared them out tuesday for health and safety concerns. >> here is the -- here in the bay area marches city of richmond considering divesting money from corporations that don't pay income tax that could include verizon, wells fargo and pg&e. occupy action takes place on the campus of uc berkeley where police moved in and dismanling tents. katie marzullo has been at the plaza all morning tracking the developments and joins us now with the latest, including explanation about a piano. >> reporter: we just saw a nice moment of cooperation between police and protesters.
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there were two pianos on the steps of sproul hall. what was left at sproul hall after police moved in 4:00 this morning what was left a couple of items including two pianos. most items are going in a dump truck. in a moment of cooperation police an yield to let the students go up on the steps and -- police agreed to let the students cross the police line and up the steps and remove the piano. it was nice to see. someone shouted, save the music. the rest of the cleanup efforts continue to move forward. police have come and gone as shift changes have occurred. the same number of officers have stayed out here keeping students from reconvening. the number of protesters has dwindled significantly. i would estimate down to a dozen give or take.
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there are not many at this hour. they have more plans for the future. they are going to rally at 5:00 this afternoon, back at stroul hall. most hope tents -- at hall. most hope the tents come back too. >> this is a crucial time for the occupy movement. i think one of the most important things that we can see about the movement is telling the world that you can keep bulldozing our tents but we are going to keep popping up because you can't crush the idea. >> reporter: back out here live at sproul plaza, few processors but pretty much the same number of police officers in their right got grier -- in their riot gear that we've seen all morning. at one time a protester yelled to his cohorts out here, let's not get in the officer's faces because they are not moving in on us. a very peaceful scene. not how the students would like it. much different than what we saw last wednesday when police
6:34 am
moved in swiftly and forcefully and removed not only the tents but the people and had some students claiming police brutality not the case this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meantime, occupy san francisco protester are hinting an occupies of a bank of america that resulted in nearly 100 arrests yesterday, could be a sign of their future plans. 95 were arrested last night after they invaded the bank of america at the corner of california and dave. they hopped on tables, khapblted wrote messages on the walls if in chalk that read: "make banks pay." they even put up a tent inside the bank. >> this is saying, hey we know what you are doing is wrong. so we're going to protest it by coming in, sitting in their bank and shutting down the operations for the day.
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>> those arrested were taken to county jail cited for trespassing and released. in hayward now the faculty at california state university east bay is beginning a one-day strike at cal-state east bay and at the dominguez hills campus in southern california this is the first time faculty has walked out in the csu system's history. professors say they are striking to protest the decision to revoke negotiated salary increases. each striking campus has about 700 faculty members and the faculty association says several members from other campuses will be headed to east bay to support the strike. the university has called in extra security to ensure safety. protesters plan to picket the school's main gate until 9:00. then hold a noontime rally and march. csu trustees voted to raise tuition again. the vote happened in private behind closed doors yesterday in a move that was criticized
6:36 am
by many as students were frustrated they were kicked out of a meeting in long beach. four arrested, two officers injured after somebody smashed a window. the board approved a 9% tuition hike for the next school year. in less than half an hour energy secretary stu event chu is expected to tell -- stephen chu is expected to tell a house committee that he takes full responsibility for the loan to solyndra. testifying before a house committee investigating the half billion dollar loan given to the solar panel maker. according to his prepared testimony, chu will tell house members he believes the government must continue to provide financial support for clean energy technology. the solyndra loan he says was subject to rigorous skraout if i and healthy debate -- scrutiny and healthy debate and adds i did not make a decision on political --
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the president of the bart board proposed running service 30 minutes later on friday nights due to maintenance schedules trains would have to push back opening times on saturday morning. a survey shows 2/3 of bart passengers who would be affected expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed change some say bart would be supporting late party friday night at the expense of people who have to work early saturday morning. mike has been telling us there will be rain moving in. we should ask him when. >> right because for some folks the evening commute may be a little wet, right? >> i was going to say which of the four storms you wanted to know about the first one is happening now in the northern part of our state. you can see not a lot of radar showing up there. live doppler you can see it is just not much moisture with this system.
6:38 am
i do believe during the afternoon we'll have scattered showers in the north bay. once the sunsets scattered light showers for rest of us. key being scattered and fog big problem this morning especially north bay valleys from half mile napa to less than a quarter mile in novato. fog hanging around the peninsula, mountain view down into the south bay san jose three miles per hour fright arrival delays at sfo 40 minutes now. check out our flight tracker. temperatures in the 40s and 50s around 8:00 by noon you can see scattered showers developing in the north bay especially around santa rosa everybody else seeing increase in the clouds upper 50s to near 60 where we stay at 4:00 with the best chance of scattered showers in the north bay once 5:00 rolls around the rest of us will get our chance. more showers, more widespread tomorrow chance of rain saturday night especially into sunday morning. heaviest rain may be
6:39 am
wednesday. good morning sue. good morning. a lot of activity 80 westbound at carlson accident cleared out of lanes there. you will find slow traffic as you head on to the east shore freeway "sig alert" still in effect eastbound 380 el camino real off-ramp blocked connector ramp, elka moon know real -- el camino real closed -- 880 coliseum accident two right delays towards oakland airport southbound. 237 westbound past zanker an accident blocking left lane you can see red sensors showing significant slowing past the scene westbound 237. metering lights on at the bay bridge traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing. our time is 6:39. >> as we've been reporting it is anything but business as usual on wall street.
6:40 am
right now protester are attempting to block access to the new york stock exchange. in these live pictures police making arrests. the opening bell did ring on schedule, despite in we check in with jane king about what she is seeing on the traying floor. we see the dow is down 45 points. the major security breach that is compromised millions of patient files at several bay area hospitals. it is the toy report that every parent should see before christmas shopping. a look at who is naughty or nice when it comes to making safe toys. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. same-sex marriage back in the news in just a few hours we'll be receiving an opinion from the state supreme court about exactly who can stand up for voters in court. story coming up in a live report.
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welcome back. 6:44. california for cast mostly sunny, 77 palm springs as warm as it gets morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. mid to upper 50s increasing clouds around tahoe, yosemite wet around sacramento, chico and eureka. to the sierra tomorrow from 4:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening up to 10 inches of snow possible in some of the highest passes tricky to
6:45 am
get there for the weekend. almost 6:45. the consumer product safety commission is offering comforting news to parents and anybody else buying toys for kids. toy recalls have deposited dramatically compared to a few -- have dropped dramatically compared to a few . this year only 34. -- tighter safety regulations reduced dangers we've seen like high lead content or loose parts. the consumer product safety commission is warning shoppers to choose wisely. >> for little children don't buy balloons or a toy with small balls or parts because it is not appropriate. at certain ages children put everything in their mouth. keep anything with small magnets away from children. >> agency has tips to find toys suitable for children in each age group. michael finney has posted a link at under 7
6:46 am
on your side. major security breach involving data of more than four million sutter health patients. a desktop computer was stolen in mid october. they include patient information from alta-based summit medical center in berkeley, san leandro hospital, eden medical center and sutter medical center of santa rosa. no social security numbers were on that computer. but did it contain medical details about the conditions of more than 900,000 patients. >> now this is out there who knows who has it. >> they might find somebody who can extract that information so they can bring in more money. >> i believe this was a crime of opportunity and not a targeted theft of data. >> patients affected will get letters from sutter in the coming weeks. hundreds of high-tech jobs coming to san ramon the home
6:47 am
for ge. ge says it will hire 400 software engineers who will work on the next generation of smart machine. within analyst says ge is trying to make interconnected machines with a wide range of uses helping doctors identify and treat complex ailments or helping engineers more efficiently run power grids. 50 workers have already moved into the complex in san ramon the rest will move in over the next two years. protesters trying to block every entrance to the new york stock exchange. again, live pictures from manhattan where thousands of occupy wall street demonstrators are facing off with police in what is being called a day of action many have been arrested. >> you see vehicles there leaving the scene probably with some of those arrested inside. you see the big crowds outside. let's go inside and check in with bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange for a look on trading. jane did you have trouble getting through those crowds
6:48 am
today? >> it is interesting. when i came in, i get here about 4 a.m.. there were a lot of police and tons of media live trucks, i didn't see one protester at that time about 8:00 this morning i started hearing and you can see outside the police even the horses were starting to respond we heard they were starting to walk toward the stock exchange. opening bell went off as planned. i'm hearing about 500 to 700 protesters are on pine and nassau streets about a block north of the new york stock exchange. the traders tell me as they came in this morning the police, and they are swarming this building, they are on horses, motorcycles, and they picked the biggest nypd cops i've seen not one shorter than sick foot tall all in riot gear to hold off protesters
6:49 am
from coming in. i talked to security guards at the stock exchange saying they are not getting near here. they are blocked one in eve direction. subways are shutdown that is going to disrupt commutes. there are protesters protesting the protesters. i'm told there's a guy with a sign saying occupy a desk. the tensions are rising. [ unintelligible ] it has gotten to rolling eyes to getting angry. there were also talk about -- [ unintelligible ] trying to look like they worked in the financial district. did hear from a security person they did catch four fake id's. we continue to monitor this. we are trading inside. we are just a about it lower dow town 67 points. nasdaq and s&p a little lower as well.
6:50 am
glad you got into work okay, stay safe, see you later. here we are waiting for a storm of our own. you said it is not going to pack that much rain? >> not the first couple maybe thing for one. some of the fog hanging around that is caution the flight arrival delays into sfo, 41 minutes. check out our flight tracker. still coolest north bay valleys where the fog is thickest with half mile to quarter mile visibilities upper 30s the rest of us in the 40s even mid 50s oakland and mountain view. inland thick fog low to mid 40s until you get to monterey at 48. mostly cloudy, cooler, scattered showers today, best in the north bay showers more likely tomorrow even cooler than today and two more chances of wet weather as we round out the seven day forecast. today compared to average the same in livermore oakland
6:51 am
redwood city three degrees cooler napa and san jose five san francisco six, 5 to 10° cooler than yesterday in some spots. low to mid 60s east bay valleys partly sunny upper 50s to low 60s east bay shore. partly sunny south bay low to mid 60s mostly cloudy peninsula upper 50s to low 60s mostly cloudy at coast with mid 50s spilling into upper 50s downtown san francisco scattered showers this afternoon north bay valleys and beaches mid to upper 50s for you partly cloudy upper 50s to mid 60s monterey bay low to mid 60s inland. lingering light showers possible tonight. the 30s will stay around cloverdale, santa rosa the rest of us in the 40s morgan hill possibly around 50°. two areas of high pressure holding up this cold front. the cold front is going to win because it has colder, heavier air behind. the air is not moisture-laden
6:52 am
it does have a little moisture so we are seeing rain right now in the north parts of our state. by5gú 5:00 it moves in the -- i should say by 4:00. 5:00 scattered showers -- sorry the clock for some reason didn't stick. let me run this -- bay the afternoon hours rain moving -- [ unintelligible ] by 5:00 rest of us isolated showers linger overnight. tomorrow will be dry early and then increase in scattered showers during the afternoon hours more rain saturday night into sunday. first wave of rain a 10th to quarter of an inch. more rain saturday into sunday try monday tuesday, more rain on wednesday. that's the one that could have the most amount of rain. that is yourself haven't day forecast. let's turn it -- that is your seven day forecast.
6:53 am
let's turn it over to sue. we have a "sig alert" in effect in san bruno still. it is for eastbound 380 the connector ramp to el camino real. police activity in the area. the ramp is shutdown as is el camino real between the san bruno avenue and the 280 there, 380 i should say that section is shutdown. [ unintelligible ] drive times currently 580 not bad out of central valley 880 towards highway 84 less than 20 minutes. ace train delay number 3, 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. no other publish transit delays. san rafael getting crowded southbound 101 toward the civic center no stalls or accidents. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll, jammed back towards the maze. for the latest
6:54 am
traffic. 6:53. developing news out of berkeley police have moved in and tore down the tents set up by occupy cal protesters this morning. >> katie marzullo is live on the california us what is going on now? >> reporter: -- occupy cal is down but not out according to the protesters. at this hour it is about the cleanup efforts underway look at some of the video we rolled earlier everything has been moved from the steps of sproul hall including two pianos which students were allowed to retrieve that was a moment of cooperation between protesters and police. pretty much everything else is going into the dumpsters. around 4:00 this morning officers swept the camp, no reports of violence in that sweep. two people were arrested. we don't know if either were students. if -- in the hours after police have again guarding
6:55 am
sproul hall keeping students at a distance. in the last two minutes the officers have left. sproul hall is again back open to the public as crews power wash the steps of sproul hall. most protesters have left the area. we understand they've planned a rally back here at this location at 5 p.m. and their 6:00 general assembly they will decide whether they are bringing the tents back. for our other top story we talk to terry mcsweeney in san francisco. >> reporter: three hours from now we are expecting an opinion from the state supreme court on prop 8. not about whether it is constitutional or not, that is in the federal court system now. this has to do with who has legal standing to defend what the voters decided in 2008, which is to ban same-sex marriage. look at the oral arguments that took place in september. the federal court asked for an opinion from the state supreme court. governor schwarzenegger and then attorney general brown
6:56 am
said they would not defend prop 8. the hearing tough questions for both sides. no matter what the opinion is today, this guess back to the 9th circuit. -- this goes back to the 9th circuit. if sponsors can defend prop 8 the 9th circuit moves to other questions. if the decision is no legal standing for sponsors that is an opinion still goes back to the 9th circuit. they will have to figure out if this case is over as far as they are concerned. right now a federal court has decided that prop 8 is unconstitutional. the final decision expected to come from the u.s. supreme court. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. want to give you more time to look at forecast, chance of showers mainly north bay once the sunsets at 5 light showers for rest of us showers more likely tomorrow, rain saturday night, especially sunday morning. heaviest rain probably
6:57 am
wednesday. "sig alert" in effect san bruno eastbound 380 connector to el camino real blocked due to police phreuft. you cannot even -- police activity. you cannot get on el camino real between san bruno and 380. we are not sure what the activity. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> become with a local update at 7:24. have a great day.@x i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's goofoar e m@customer to get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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